Bored dogs

Sometimes when I look at dogs I wonder, what are they thinking?

I actually think that it doesn’t take long for them, once they live with us, to understand our language.

They don’t just get the intonation and emphasis of a “SIT” or a “SPEAK.” I think they actually comprehend everything that we say. They sit across the room, seemingly minding their own business as we humans communicate with each other on such a high level. They just choose to ignore most of what we say because, well it bores them.

Next time you’re in the room with your dog or a dog friend, try carrying on a regular conversation about politics or religion or some other mindless human
topic with him. I’ll bet you a dollar he’ll look at you for a minute and then lay down and put his head on his paws.

This is proof that dogs are bored with human dialogue.

Then after he’s been laying there for a while, ignoring you and any other humans in the room that you may be chatting with, and while watching him closely, casually throw in a phrase about another dog he knows or the neighbors cat or … a cookie!

Watch the eyebrows. They’re a dead giveaway.