I missed the kitties

For the very few of you who may have been here before you might have actually viewed the overall “design” of this site and its navigation bar.

Second from the left in that nav is a less-than-clever link to fb. That used to be how I directed readers to my Facebook content. If you click that link now, you’ll probably see something that says “content unavailable right now.”

That Facebook content is definitely unavailable right now and will be forever.

There’s a shitty reason for that.

On May 25, some miserable, loser 20-something — who I imagine is an obese, conceal carry permit wanna-be, sitting in a broken-down, single-wide trailer with a 2001 PT Cruiser with 2 flat tires parked in front, who, when not fantasizing about “being with” Marjorie Taylor Green, is hacking into progressive or otherwise enlightened Facebook users accounts on a beat up Dell laptop running Windows 7 using code he bought from a 15-year-old Russian on Telegram for !0,000 rupee or the equivalent of $125.99 — hacked into my Facebook account and posted horrific child porn there knowing or not knowing that within 5 minutes Facebook’s AI would disable my account.

If you don’t already know this, once FB disables your account you have 30 days to “disagree” with their decision, which means that nobody will ever see your FB content again.

So, after waiting out those 30 days plus a few more in despair over losing 15 years of content and memories, I decided to start over, not to post regular life events and what I’m having for lunch, although I can’t not do some of that, but to try to stay connected to several dozen people from my entire long-ass life that I never would have known were still alive if it weren’t for Facebook.

So yeah, Facebook is addicting and an amazing resource to stay in touch with humans all over this blue marble.

It’s also fun and futile and full of ideology and idiocy and cats and conspiracies.

When I first joined in 2007 people used to “throw sheep” and “poke” one another.

Now they post child porn on your page because they don’t agree with you saying that we need reasonable gun reform.

I know, to all this you say, “Who cares?” Well, I wrote all of the above so that you can know if I reached out to friend you, even if we were already FB friends, that I’m not a bot with like 2 friends

I just missed all the kitties.

Cat belly lovers

I’m so easily distracted.
I have too many things that I’m trying to do or learn how to do at any given time. I get wrapped up in one thing and then something else shiny catches my eye and I’m off.
I could list a ton of things here (commuting, working full-time, learning Flash, learning Action Script, polishing my Photoshop skills, playing guitar, going to the gym, blogging, trying to finish my movie on Auschwitz, that I have to learn Final Cut to do, shooting photos, shooting video … sleeping) but I won’t.
So I started posting photos on Flickr just over a year ago.
At first I posted one or two then weeks would go by before I would even visit the site.
Distracted again.
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