iTunes does not lie

Stephen King writes a column on the last page of Entertainment Weekly, I think it’s every other week, called “The Pop of King.”

Yes, I read and even subscribe to that degenerate and hedonistic periodical — and the print version at that. Hey, I work in publishing. I’m watching an entire industry, once noble, vital and relevant, spin down the toilet and more than 25 years of my life with it.

I know that my lonely subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly or Rolling Stone or DigitalPhotoPro or even National Geographic are not going to save those organizations from their ultimate and inevitable demise. But I would bet that the people who pour their hearts into and make a living from the publication of those print products appreciate the fact that there are still some people who like to drape it over their knees and thumb through the pages while riding the bus or sipping coffee or while seated on their personal, porcelain thrones.

This weeks King column refers to a previous column he wrote about his top-20 favorite rock songs of all time. He mentions that Connie Francis’ “Stupid Cupid” is actually on his list and that some of his readers thought that to be “insane.”

So this week he revisits the topic (can he not find anything else to write about? I mean he’s Stephen freaking King, c’mon, our industry is dying here!) and looked at his iTunes library, sorted it by playcount and gave us the REAL list along with the number of times each song was played.

So, I did that.

Don’t give me any grief here, I don’t write this blog as a way to make a living and I earn not a nickel from doing it so I’m not doing my own industry any harm by regurgitating less-than-original ideas. And no trees, that I know of, were harmed in the publishing of this content. If you can call it that.

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