I Love Lucy lips

At the risk of sounding a little too “Jerry Seinfeld” I’m going to start by asking, “Am I the only one who notices the fact that Leslie Stahl, venerable reporter with CBS News best known for her long-standing gig with 60 Minutes, doesn’t seem to know how to apply her own lipstick?
OK, in her defense, I’d have to guess that Leslie doesn’t actually apply her own make-up before going on camera for 60 Minutes. It’s not absolutely certain but she no doubt has a professional make-up artist doing that for her, albeit only with her direction.
I’m actually a fan of 60 Minutes. I, like throngs of other geezers and boomers, have been watching that TV show for decades. Along with the rest of America, I’ve grown up — or more accurately, grown old with — with the anchors of that show.
Tivo’d from last night’s broadcast, I watched it tonight.
Although it seems that the 120-year-old Don Hewitt and CBS can see that some of these folks have just been around too long and are trying to bring new blood on to the show like the little Brit hottie Lara Logan, and Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper, they still have the frail Morely Safer the gazillion-year-old Mike Wallace and that ghost at the end. Continue reading