Oddly incongruous, dissimilar juxtaposition

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At least two things happened today that were just kind of weird.

First, I was listening to a podcast of a Neko Case concert recorded by NPR at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. in April, 2006.
Between songs she was bantering back and forth with one of the other musicians in the band and at one point she said, “I could still get arrested after eating macaroni and cheese.
“I wasn’t paying that much attention so I didn’t actually get the context of this comment but that statement, that she could still get arrested for eating macaroni and cheese, for some reason just kind of recalibrated my ears.
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May, 1977, Miami, FL

May, 1977.
Although it’s early May and it’s not quite noon yet, it’s already blisteringly hot.
In a second floor room of a run-down Holiday Inn worn thin by too many spring-breakers from the snowy north and rock bands touring the southern circuit, Tom twists in a shabby, hard arm-chair wedged into the corner of the room. He fingers the dials on his Canon TX SLR camera.
The two double-beds in the room have had their mattresses moved off the box springs and placed on the floor to make 4 double beds.
Enough room for six, rather large, African-American men and one skinny, soon-to-be-diabetic, 20-year-old white man to sleep.
Outside, the Florida sun bakes the stairwell, parking lot and the beach beyond. It must be 95 degrees with 95% humidity out there.
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Cat belly lovers

I’m so easily distracted.
I have too many things that I’m trying to do or learn how to do at any given time. I get wrapped up in one thing and then something else shiny catches my eye and I’m off.
I could list a ton of things here (commuting, working full-time, learning Flash, learning Action Script, polishing my Photoshop skills, playing guitar, going to the gym, blogging, trying to finish my movie on Auschwitz, that I have to learn Final Cut to do, shooting photos, shooting video … sleeping) but I won’t.
So I started posting photos on Flickr just over a year ago.
At first I posted one or two then weeks would go by before I would even visit the site.
Distracted again.
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